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My Finance Hub

MF is a hub that integrates with other accounting software and manages your budgeting and limits, expenses and income, foreign currencies with multilingual support, banking and accounts, gives reminders, has automation, business stats, password protection and more ... 

(iOS and Android)


MP is a wealth portal to keep track of banking, accounts, finance and receipts. With tools for free online appraisals and valuations, asset management and it gives you tips to stay on top of everything. 

(iOS and Android)

Xero Cloud Accounting

XERO is the essential small business accounting software with real-time monitoring of accounts, payroll and super; banking and transactions; invoices and cash flow; foreign currency and language support; handles emails and receipts and; integrates with other software such as - Timely, Service M8, Receipt Bank and hundreds more ... 

(iOS and Android)

Receipt Bank

RB is an easy to use expense management app that keeps your receipts and invoices up-to-date and includes photo integration that analyses text on receipts to allow you to go paperless! AND it's compatible with XERO.

(iOS and Android)


TIMELY is another easy to use appointment and management app that has 2-way integration with Google apps. You can can book your next appointment online with AHFN using TIMELY. 

(iOS and Android)


SM8 is a job management app for small business owners (<30 people), you can call and email clients, create and allocate jobs with a checklist, integrate photos, give quotes and send invoices, make payments and bookings, includes location tracking to manage your staff efficiently. SM8 is compatible with XERO. 

(iOS only)

Office 365

Office 365 is the standard for home and business. Including the well-known office suite, cloud storage, calendar, contacts and email. Integrates with a wide variety of applications. 

(iOS and Android)

Google Apps

Google Apps is the No.1 alternative to Office 365 with its very own office suite, cloud storage, calendar, contacts and email. It also integrates with a wide variety of applications. 

(iOS and Android)

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