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Fee Estimate

Fast, efficient and all work is quoted upfront.
(All work performed by Australian based staff)

Dear {{ contact.salutation }},

We are delighted to provide you with our fee estimate/invoice* for your work to provide you with some certainty around what we do for you and to ensure that you are invoiced in a timely manner.  If the scope of the work in our fee estimate is different to the work that you are going to bring us, please let us know so that we can change your fee estimate accordingly. Attached is our fee estimate with a list of the services that we will provide for you. 

{{ proposal.message_text }}

*Our fee estimate is based upon the scope of work detailed below and the assumption that nothing out of the ordinary has occurred during the nominated financial year, that your records are in good order and "our fee estimate is accepted":{{ proposal.accept_url }} prior to your appointment or commencement of your work (whichever comes first). If an unanticipated need arises (that will keep you out of jail or provide you with a monetary benefit) we will endeavour to provide you with a variation or an additional fee estimate, otherwise our hourly rates (as per our most recent "Terms and Conditions": will apply. 

*Please check the scope of work detailed below and if you have any questions, require any changes +or have any concerns+ please contact us on (07) 3868 3343 or via ""*

h1. "View the fee estimate in full detail":{{ proposal.accept_url }}


{{ proposal.service_summary }}

h2. +*Please note:*+

** Accepting our fee estimate via Practice Ignition automates the electronic signing of our Terms and Conditions, the job creation in our practice management software, the invoice creation into our accounting software, payment of our fees (upon job completion)) and reconciliation of the payment in our accounting software. Because of the efficiencies that we lose if you do not accept our fee estimate via Practice Ignition, please be advised that we are now adding a $55 manual processing fee for work that has not been accepted in Practice Ignition.+

** Tax returns, BAS's or the sending of any other completed work will be delayed until payment for all of outstanding work, fee estimates and/or invoices are received in full.

** To avoid any delays in the lodgement or completion of your work, "acceptance of this fee estimate":{{ proposal.accept_url }} and payment details need to be entered prior to the commencement of your work.

** Payments will be processed on completion of your work (which for tax returns is within 14 days of signing for returns that have been sent to you).

** Payments that are rejected (due to insufficient funds etc) will be retried on a daily basis until the payment is successfully approved.

** To view security information about Practice Ignition and payments through Practice Ignition "click here":


*For new clients:* Upon acceptance of the fee estimate, we will contact you to book an appointment time or you can "book an appointment online here":


Kind regards,

A Head for Numbers
*Winners of the 2016 ChangeGPS Conference – Tech Addict and Innovators Award*

Make an appointment with us! Our latest terms and conditions can be downloaded at "": A Head for Numbers is a CPA Practice. ABN 54 976 129 513. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. This email and any attachments may contain privileged and confidential information and are intended for the named addressee only. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender and delete this e-mail immediately. Any confidentiality, privilege or copyright is not waived or lost because this e-mail has been sent to you in error. It is your responsibility to check this e-mail and any attachments for viruses. No warranty is made that this material is free from computer virus or any other defect or error. Any loss/damage incurred by using this material is not the sender’s responsibility. The sender’s entire liability will be limited to resupplying the material.

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